Your Best Cellphone Charging Station



Now, you can lease, rent or purchase a charging station from the most trusted and reliable cell phone charging company in the market today. We want you to experience the ease and convenience of mobile charging solution when you need it anytime anywhere.

Our mobile device charging company provide the attractive long-term leasing and purchase options to qualified buyers and our products are the perfect addition to any conference or trade show. We are here to make sure you provide an engaging and interactive charging solution to enhance your customer experience. It has been proven that advertisers, brands and exhibitor have a captive audience while users are charging their tablets or phones on our mobile charging solutions, and thus this new channel builds a brand experience and thereby improving your relationship with your customers. Since phone charging is something our customers stress over, we can keep their lives easier by providing cell phone charging stations thereby making and keeping your customers happy with your excellent customer service. You can dramatically improve your customer’s experience in your venue by having available and accessible event mobile charging station. Having an event phone charging station, whether it’s for a quick boost or a full charge, is a guaranteed engagement platform to expose your brand to your customers allowing a good customer-interaction time for you and your business.

Now, you and your customers can enjoy the convenience of having a phone charging station amenity to your event venue or business location, having a similar draw of a laptop computer accommodating the power requirements in countries outside US, with the ease of operation and quick set up. Our phone charging stations or kiosks come equipped with universally compatible charging cables that include micro USB and different charging cords for the most popular brands of smart phones, tablets, GPS and other mobile devices. Charging tips and cords available varies from the type of unit, but it usually ranges from six to twenty tips or cords in one mobile phone charging station. Let us know what you are looking for and we have a solution for you, and yes, our kiosks come with locker units and we also have open bays. Our models come with wall-mountable and free-standing models as well as some can be placed on table-top or placed on a pedestal. Our company provides two years warranty on our phone charging station’s parts and we have a dedicated team nationwide that can be on-site within twenty-four hours upon notice.

Our company works triple time so we assure your utmost complete satisfaction and confidence in our mobile device charging stations, so we work hard to provide the perfect design and only manufacture the highest quality charging stations just for you. We provide innovation and we are the top choice for most events and we work with the best brands and companies in the country. Visit to learn more about charging stations.


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